Convert Excel to vCard File Format Unveiling Solution!

Do you have a bulky excel spreadsheet overwhelming with emails address and various contacts related? If yes is your answer then you probably required excel to vCard converter to fulfill the need. Here you will get one such excel to vCard converter which purposely and skillfully convert excel to vCard file format at its best.

Presenting Excel to vCard Converter for You!

To describe a product with it features and characteristics perhaps do not make the impact and perhaps you won't get a complete insight for the product. Still here are certain points, which showcase software potency and characterize its excellence:

  • Conversion of convert details in excel file into vCard format
  • Make a vCard file for every contacts information in excel file
  • Mapping of fields in excel file to vCard format smoothly
  • Too many contacts in excel file is possible to convert at once
  • Make no amendments in original while convert excel to vCard
  • Create a common folder to any desirable location properly

Free Online Version for Testing prior Purchase!

Test out the software now, to know how to convert excel to vCard file format. Demoing is free of cost which allows you to convert 5 contacts from excel to vCard. The full version is available for bulk conversion on $69 for personal key and $199 for business key.

Irrespective of number of contacts within your excel file present, you can to convert excel to vCard file format quickly through excel to vCard converter. The assurance for no amendments, no data loss, you can perform excel to vCard conversion of contacts.